Questions and Answers about Havat Gil’ad 

How many residents are there?    There are four families, a number of youths, three rabbits, two horses, and some watch dogs.
Is there room for more families?    At present, no, but there are caravans in the process of being refurbished. If you are interested in joining us, get in touch. We also need your contributions because we do not have government support.
Do you have a minyan on Sabbaths and holidays?    We try to have a minyan on holidays and Sabbaths, but even when we lack a minyan, we rejoice in our prayer, because fuflilling the commandment of settling the land is so important.
What do you do all day?    Everyone of us is involved in work or study.
Are there Torah classes or study groups?    Yes. Some of us study during the daytime. In the evening there is communal study of Tenakh and other subjects.
Do you have electricity and water?    We have a generator and a large water tank which is filled by  a truck carrying  containers of water.
What kind of  agriculture do you have on the farm?    There is agricultural work available but you do not have to be a farmer to live here. The Zur family owns horses which are used for plowing and sowing alfalfa and clover as fodder for the horses. We cannot plant furit trees or other crops that require irrigation because we do not have a source of water.
Where do the children go to school?    They go to school in the nearby settlements of Qedumim and Yizhar, wherever their parents choose to send them.
What are your long term objectives?     How large do you plan to be?     We want to grow as much as possible. With God’s help there will be contiguous settlement up to Qedumim. Meanwhile we need government recognition in order to build a permanent settlement,  [yishuv qehilati] a community with an agricultural component.