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Havat Gil’ad in Samaria was founded by Ittay and Bat Ziyon Zar in memory of the oldest son of the Zar family, Gil’ad, may God avenge his blood, who was murdered at the Jit junction. In spite of many difficulties, the malevolent plotting of Arab “neighbors,” the bullying by the police, and the destruction wrought by security forces, the settlement is flourishing. There are now six families, some youths, three rabbits, two hourses, and a few watch dogs.
     The farm is located on private property belonging to Moshe and Ya’el Zar, parents of the late Gil’ad. Our presence here is meant to underscore our right to live in Erez Yisra’el, to let the people of Israel and the whole world know that all attempts to weaken and discourage us will fail. We pray that the Almighty will help us and strengthen the spirit of the people of Israel to overcome our enemies both within and without and by the merit of the Holy Torah we shall succeed.

How to make contact
     Mail: POB 620, Qedumim 44856
Zar  (09) 740-7226
     Sharon (09) 740-7225

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