Havat Gil’ad


A. Havat Gilad (Gilad's Farm) at the beginning. The Zar family and the young people are living in two shipping containers, there is a common lounge and kitchen

B. The first shed. It was demolished during the well remembered and widely published evacuation (which started on a Shabbath)

C. This was the Zar family's home after the "first destruction of the Temple". At this stage the farm was established in an olive grove. In the spring two more families joined us.

D. Again the farm was evacuated and we had to settle on a lower ground.

E. The move to the lower ground enabled us to make considerable progress in the farm

F. Planting lawn on the playground

G. The horses' shed

H. Many people came on the memorial day of Gilad (May the Lord revenge his blood)

I. The Haikin family from Hebron visiting their daughter/sister and her family living on the farm.

J. The Zar family : Itay, Batzi and the children Shilo, Gefen and Gilad-Yair

K. The "Halake" ceremony (cutting the hair for the first time of a three years old boy) of Shilo. In the picture the grandparents Moshe and Yael, and Hagar Zar, widow of Gilad.

L. The young people living in Havat Gilad

M. Itay Zar with son
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